Lunch Talk at George Washington University Elliott School of International Affairs – Combatting Transnational Environmental and Human Rights Abuses

On 16 October, Managing Director, Shirleen Chin gave a guest talk at GWU Elliott School of International Affairs on combatting transnational environmental and human rights abuses. Pictured here with the Director of GWU’s MAIA Program, Dr. Marcus DuBois King.

Despite our age-old understanding of the effects of the natural resource curse, some would argue that little has changed for the better. In fact, the curse has only exacerbated as criminal groups have now become part of the equation. Disenfranchised people in resource-rise countries are not the only ones experiencing the curse. Some criminal groups have taken advantage of the enabling elements of the curse to advance their spread of terror worldwide, indiscriminately affecting millions in both developed and developing countries. While developed countries have been relatively effective in fending off some of these hostilities, they are sadly looked upon by environmentalists as ineffective in addressing transnational environmental and human rights abuses.

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